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    Zejmarská Gorge is situated in the southern part of the Slovak Paradise. It was formed by a creek that flows down from the Geravy plateau and joints the Hnilec river just bellow the Mlynky - Biele Vody settlement. A spring called Zejmarská studňa (Zejmarská Well) is the main source of water for this creek.
    The creek formed a cascade of waterfalls of several stages, that was named after kpt. Ján Nálepka (one of the leaders of the Slovak guerrillas during the Slovak National Uprising in 1944), who had lived in the Mlynky - Biele Vody settlement for a certain time. The ravine was open to public by the Mountain Rescue Service in 1963.

ACCESS: By train with direction to Banská Bystrica or from Margecany through the railway station Mlynky. By bus from Poprad or from Spišská Nová Ves through Mlynky. From Mlynky you can hike to the estuary of Zejmarská Gorge, which is situated in the Mlynky-Biele Vody settlement.
SURROUNDINGS: Geravy and then you can hike through the Kyseľ Valley to Kláštorisko, or through Biely potok (White Creek) Valley to Čingov.

    Zejmarská roklina - Dolná časť Zejmarskej rokliny
    Zejmarská roklina - Nálepkov vodopád I
    Zejmarská roklina - Nálepkov vodopád II
    Zejmarská roklina - Nad Nálepkovým vodopádom
    Zejmarská roklina - Dolná časť Zejmarskej rokliny v zime



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